Issues with Issues

Has anyone else noticed that their list of bug reports suddenly had a large # of bug reports closed

Not fixed, not implemented, just “closed”

Like this

EDIT : or things just get archived as they’ve not looked at them in 2 years
Not fixed. Not doesn’t exist any more. No. Just “archived so we don’t have to be reminded of all that stuff we never got to”

That is the ‘new’ policy, if a case has no movement in 2 years the Xojo Bot will close and add the label ‘Archived’. Easy to avoid that by commenting on the case.

Let’s see if the Xojo Bot removes the ‘Archived’ label now that the case is reopened.

Edit: on those 2 particular cases it seems that the label creation date is wrong, it is the same as the creation date (4 years ago for one of those cases)

I have only one rule when reporting bugs (which I keep forgetting and whence regretting): Never report a workaround. If you do that it will never get fixed. Guaranteed.


I’ve asked for several to be reopened as they still occur
So far I’m not encouraged

Well, Xojo Bot removed the ‘Archived’ label soon after you reopened the case

Someone should to make an “Unarchive Xojo Bot”.

Tried ‘Archived’ in search field. This yields an empty result list. How do you get to see entries with an archived tag?

Click in the search field, select Label, =, Archived, press enter to search then click All 4,240 just above that or visit[]=Archived

Not really sure on the two you’ve link there as they’re from your old work account so they might have done something special with those.

I’ve not seen any issues , I’ve been sitting on 95 archived closed for a few days now, I’ll be going through those at the end of the month to check they are still valid and reopen them.

I see you’re on 55 (at least of the ones that are public).

The 2 year archived timer will gradually tick by closing stale tickets, really, as a community, we should be going through those old tickets and checking them, adding a comment if its been checked and asking for valid ones to be reopened because if they fall through the cracks because their author has left xojo they will have zero chance of being fixed unless they are rediscovered or actively checked.

Just because they are archived doesn’t mean they should be ignored, some of them will be ones that will put off prospective new users of xojo which will harm the product invisibly without any metrics to back it up.

If you reopen them, and you are the author, the bot should clear the archived flag without need for a comment on the ticket. If not, @robin and he’ll get to it when he has a chance.

I can’t tell if this is a joke or not, but no, that would be counter productive.

Frankly that doesnt always happen :slight_smile:
Or hasnt

You probably need to switch to the “Closed” list as Issues
Open, Closed & all at the top are what list your seeing
Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 3.48.42 PM

Click on “Closed”

Ah no not archived closed, just closed
I searched for my name as creator & noticed that my open list went from > 400 to 117 just recently and a lot are not labelled as archived
My archived count hasn’t hardly changed

you forget who I am and how much they LOVE me there :stuck_out_tongue:

Its odd as some do reopen, some don’t, and I have no idea why

Are you talking about ones linked to normanpalardy or normanpalardy1? As the two you mentioned above are normanpalardy1 and don’t have anything to do with your current account.

Here’s a list of the publically viewable normanpalardy1’s tickets that have been closed but not archived, these should really be checked over, but there’s only 45 of them.[label_name][]=Fixed&not[label_name][]=Implemented&not[label_name][]=Archived&not[label_name][]=Not%20Reproducible&not[label_name][]=Feature%20Request&not[label_name][]=By%20Design

I don’t know where this 400 > 117 number came from even though I do see the 117 now, maybe the just hid a bunch of tickets that are in products that are no longer in development, like feedback or web1 because there’s only been one ticked updated 1 day ago in normanpalardy1’s list, the rest were updated last at the transition.

Maybe the bot has been instructed to close all old employees tickets that haven’t been updated in a while.

A lot of tickets have been hidden, are internal or not transferred as there’s only around 35.8k tickets visible even though we’re up to 68.8k ticket numbers.

This is what I see normanpalardy:


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I just actually noticed that there are indeed 2 normanpalardy’s an they vary by 1 character

weird that you see a different # for the one NOT ending with a 1 than I do

Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 5.33.50 PM


I can’t see your private messages but you do.

Those private messages could be beta cases too. When changed from feedback to issues they were changed to private.

Old beta cases that came over as “confidential” even though they are / were for betas that long since shipped I guess

‘Archived’ bugs lead a Zombie live because they do not count as ‘Open’ or ‘Closed’ and are not accounted for in ‘All’.
The automated process ‘Xojo Bot’ also closes issues that are tagged ‘Information Required’, even when information has been provided:

Archived bugs are considered Closed and are listed in both Closed and All tabs.

I guess the Xojo Bot is not smart enough to detect that the OP answered and looks like the system relies on Robin (or other person from the staff) to remove the ‘Information Required’ label so the Xojo bot doesn’t close the case. The good thing with the new system is that the OP can reopen the case at any time, for Feedback you had to request to reopen it even if you created the case.