Is Web Use Down? Thread

This thread is interesting.

In the thread, Anthony and Ricardo make some interesting comments. Ricardo blames lack of Web posts on Summer and says that problems won’t be solved magically by moving away from Xojo.

In my experince, moving to PHP solved ALL my problems. I’m not fighting Xojo bugs anymore. Magically! :slight_smile:

Anthony’s post mentions why folks are not moving to Web 2.0. There’s another reason. If I gotta migrate, why in the world would I trust Xojo again? Moving to PHP or something else makes more sense than living with all the Xojo bugs.

Rapidity of bug fixes
Available libraries & add ons for whatever tool/language you use (size of the community)

Lots of issues could be / are solved by moving to something else

Well, and let’s face facts, most other communities are huge in comparison to Xojo. If I hadn’t already known Xojo there’s no way I would have done my large Xojo for Web 1 project in Xojo. Those large communities are generally well established and stable, have a lot of 3rd party tools and libraries, and most importantly to customers is a big pool of developers to choose from.

I’m gonna have a talk with our web 1 client this fall and say that it’s probably time to move on to something else. Web 1 may work for another 5 years, or 10 even, but I will tell them that they probably shouldn’t bet their company on that premise. Sure, they could move to Web 2 but it won’t be an easy conversion and it won’t be with me.

You mean like the Pros and their projects that Xojo thought they better do without … :man_facepalming::roll_eyes:

I prefer to determine the use of a language based on how many searches and support there is for the language and don’t care for the Tiobe index. The Tiobe Index is rated on criteria for webpages TIOBE Index - TIOBE.
Search trends are from people performing searches. The more searches, generally, the more popular the language. If the trend is going up, then the language is becoming more popular, where a downward trend means less people are performing searches for the language.

Here are search results for four languages that most people on this forum would be familiar:

A value of 100 is the peak popularity of the term, a value of 50 means the term is half as popular, and 0 means there is not enough data for the term. Data starts from January 2004 to July 2022. All of these languages have a downward trend.

Additional help to understand data to the 100 value is search results. Here are plotted search hit results for these same four languages:


The results are only an indicator, and this helps to understand how popular a language is based on searches by people, not webpages. :slight_smile: Is it perfect, nope. Just a different way to view data.

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To put the above data in perspective with major programming languages, here is their data.

Python and Go have upward trends, while C++ is declining, and Objective-C seems to be relatively flat.


Why are there search results for Xojo in 2004 if the name was used almost a decade later? :anguished:

Thats a great question! I went back to perform searches for both Xojo programming language and Realbasic or real basic programming language, and only Xojo is available.

I am presuming that data for REALbasic is included as Xojo.

Edit: The search for Realbasic only showed Xojo as a Programming language.

I would not advise writing an XDev Article using that data! :wink:



A Blast from the past… What could have been (though not by being VB)



Well, according to Geoff Eugene is making up the data … :roll_eyes:

Only if he claimed they were sales :rofl:

From TOF:

With all due respect, but this can not be a very ‘big’ project if you can go from idea to production ready in hours, even if you skip the whole testing phase. :thinking: And the end result is most likely a buggy, slow WebApp. No thanks!

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That particular post is weird to read
He describes it as joyful then laments show stopping bugs

Seems conflicted

Kind of sounds like us. We love the product. We hate the product. Depends on if you’re fighting a show stopping bug or not.


When are users of Web 2.0 not fighting one or more showstopping bugs?

Too bad Xojo wasn’t designed so that drop-in control replacements could be made available instead of having to wait for a full compile the next release.