Is this you as well?

fixed and verified is “its been fixed and confirmed as fixed for a future version”
implemented and verified is similar - usually for a feature request etc

reproducible is confirmation that your bug HAS been reproduced given the provided information - this makes it easier for an engineer to find th bug & fix it
verified amounts to “it behaves as described” but may or may not be a “bug”

they’re very similar but not quite the same

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Exactly, which is one reason I keep looking for satisfactory alternatives.

Don’t forget the famous similar one: a status of “reviewed” that lasts until the IDE is modified enough that the bug isn’t meaningful anymore.
This occurred in the transition from RB to RS and from RS to Xojo, for instance.
And now that Web 1.0 is no longer supported, just imagine how many thousands of reported bugs can now be closed because they don’t make sense anymore…

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sad but true