Is it fixing a hidden flaw or an improvement?

In conclusion it is a hidden defect and Xojo Inc is expecting people to pay for getting a faulty product fixed they had already purchased.


I’ll point out Xojo’s inexperience and that they appear to be continuing to make the same mistake, over and over again.

However, I don’t blame them for not supporting a customer outside of the support window. I don’t know many companies that do. Most are like, tough shit, buy the new one or buy an update. I’ve had this with apps and physical products. I still use older apps for some things, but I know I’ll never get any bug fixes.

My 2015 MacBook keyboard died (again) just outside of the extended repair window and Apple wanted to charge me almost as much as new MacBook Air to replace the damned keyboard for the umpteenth time.

I would say that, if the problem happens close to the end of the support window, I personally often extend it so that customer can get on, but no further.

I get what you mean. In the case of 2022r2, the product was less than a year old when it became fully unusable.

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A clear win for AI versus stable natural intelligence … :slight_smile: .

Is that not the exact conversation you and I have been having with them for years?

Reporter: You did this wrong.
Xojo: No, we’re never wrong.
R: Yes, you are. Apple says don’t do it this way.
X: *does it the wrong way nonetheless*

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Ditto. However I politely pointed out the thousands of dollars I had thrown at them over the years and asked them to extend my expiration date by a few days, and they did.

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I tried a similar approach (I had been a customer for over 13 years at the time)… They sent back some terse response on the order of “Your license expired, buy a new one”

to which I responded “NO, GOODBYE”

They did the right thing. :+1:

How to lose a customer. The handling of these cases seems to be inconsistent.

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Eh… no worries… Swift is a much more stable (and fun) developement environment… Might be different if I cared about “multi-platform” (Xojo should be sued for saying they are “Cross Platform” because they are not, “multi” yes, “cross” no)


Absolutely agree.


From Xojo’s excellent documentation:

The missing item:

  • Parsing operatingSystemVersionString
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Its highly dependent on WHO you are

Look at who gets banned on TOF and for what then go see the kinds of comments from people who they DONT have a grudge with and see they can post much the same and NOT get banned

Its personal
it really is

Just say NO !!!

like apple recommends

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Yep. Once you criticize for sloppy work, you are out…

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Yes it is Norman. I did expected it. Yes. But that I came to that honor…

Well my case was literally a few days. Perhaps Dave’s case was outside the maximum allowable time. Or maybe whoever OKed my request was having a good day…

Back in the day of Joe Strout, I complained on the Mailing list (Not sure if it was the NUG or the beta list) that the initial implementation of the string join function was less than ideal (I might have said “brain dead” or lazy as that was what i meant and i was annoyed!)

His response made it seem like did get a bit annoyed, but i did not get kicked off!

BTW The original implementation was just about the same speed as doing

Dim ub as integer = StrArr.Ubound
Dim OutStr as String
For i as integer = 0 to ub
    OutStr = OutStr + StrtArr(i)

That was back in the day when everyone doing significant string concatenation was using MemoryBlocks for speed…

I believed they were using RB code like the above under the hood… which really rubbed me the wrong way!

I think that got fixed to use a non brain dead implementation a rev or 2 later! :wink:

  • Karen

You can cross out “Rich Framework” also, as it’s not. Their framework covers maybe 30% of what is actually available on the macOS.