If you use Xojo still

Which display mode do you use for the Library of Controls in the IDE?

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  • small icons and labels
  • alphabetically
  • no grouping

so I can find stuff.

  • Small icons and labels
  • Show Group Banners
  • Sort Alphabetically

same as Monkeybread

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Not really using Xojo much anymore, but when I did:


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Seems the consensus is Small/Labels… with most doing Alphabetically


I think you forgot to ask about how old people are… the displayed size will increase when people are past 50/60 y/o…

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I wanted something in between.

:black_medium_small_square: “Mid” icons with small labels : List format
:black_medium_small_square: Show group banners
:black_medium_small_square: Sort alphabetically

That is the default mode mode I use…

But the library in Xojo REALLY annoys in some ways… I don’t like long lists.

Things like that there are several entries for buttons that only differ by their defaults AND they don’t sort together alphabetically or don’t have a sub-pallet or sub-menu under button…

The latter is hat I would like to see… it would help keep the main list shorter and IMO more usable…

Sometimes I will use the category popup to find what I want, but submenus or sub-pallets would be faster IMO.


Karen… not sure exactly what you mean… could perhaps you mockup something that might illustrate… I’m open to new ideas :slight_smile:

Button >  PushButton
...       BevelButton
...       Default Button
...       Generic Button
...       etc.

Where the “Children” are either a submenu or pallet


So a tree view instead of the current “groups”

Sort of… Groups now groups things that can be disparate enough that it would not be obvious what they would be under in this UI.

As Xojo is now, I can’t always predict what group i should look in for a control I want, but can have a hard time finding it in full list because it is too long (AND Controls entries are not always named the same as the control itself when they have different entries for the control with different defaults)

BTW I don’t know why, but seeing “List Box” instead of “ListBox” in the list annoys me too! :wink:


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I decided to expand the functionality of my IDE to include similar grouping/categories… and still need to decide exactly who goes where, as I do agree, some of in strange places… and I can add more categories (or less) quite easily

And I have controls that Xojo doesn’t

Xojo have more Controls than other IDEs…

In that case a Control that opens (like a PopupMenu…) and allow to select the one you want will be a better design, of course, IMHO.

  • Small icons and labels
  • Show Group Banners
  • Sort Alphabetically

Today was the first time I’ve launched Xojo in over a month


The fascinating point is that sometimes using Xojo is like looking on a car accident …