How Touchy!

right in the middle of me writing a reply about Filemaker ads targetting Xojo users I got a “cant reach the server” error
So I copied my reply

I would guess that Filemaker promotes itself to Xojo devs as I’m sure the reverse has probably occurred as well. I know Tim Dietrich & Halg Gumbert did a lot of promotion of it but have since moved on to using something else. I would suspect this sort of thing didnt go unnoticed by Filemaker

and refreshed as suggested
And yeah the entire thread had been nuked in a matter of minutes

Crazy since all it did was mention that some Xojo users were seeing a lot of Filemaker ads recently and how curious was that ?

thin skin

EDIT : mentioning this HERE because if I mention it there I’m sure this would be deleted as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Norman,

That was my post, it was about 15 minutes and 4 posts replies in before it got nuked. Absolutely ridiculous, nobody in the forum isn’t aware of the FM product and there have been literally thousands of posts about FM before.

Forum police are out in force.

Incidentally it’s the second post of mine in 24 hours to get nuked, the other one was innocuous too.

I had no idea wtf was going on
As I was writing the post the “cant reach server” error popped up and I thought maybe my ISP had a glitch
So, not want ing to lose my reply I copied it
And refreshed thinking I could then post my reply
But that was when I noticed the topic had completely gone

I get that Xojo really wants to control the messaging on that board but they are so sensitive that it drives some people away who see it going

Bob’s blog post about Why do people leave Xojo tuched on the reasons the tool doesnt fit people needs but skipped some of the “social” issues they have. But read that post & the replies & you’ll see for yourself.

In some ways they manage to push people away.
Pretty sure they would prefer I went away or at least quit filing tricky bug reports (several that involve the compiler and odd language behaviour)

Incidentally it’s the second post of mine in 24 hours to get nuked, the other one was innocuous too.

which is really odd since it really wasnt about “hey filemaker is a great alternative to Xojo” but about “why the F might I be seeing these FM ads?”

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It’s sad. I really like Xojo and think with some direction and drive it could become massively popular which in turn would drive income and of course that would lead to more money to improve the product. They are really short sighted.

You’re right (about that post) but the other post was even more benign. I offered anyone who was struggling with the Covid19 cutting their work down that I would host any websites (not Xojo apps) on my servers to save them their server costs. (I run a hosting company)

Completely altruistic and just trying to give something back to the community. Post nuked again. I give up.


That would probably require replacing the CEO
And that is unlikely to happen

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I saw that
“Competes” with Xojo Cloud and so I would guess thats why it was removed

I was offering to host websites not web apps.

That distinction was probably overlooked
Cant think of any other reason it would be removed except it was perceived to be competing with Xojo Cloud

Certainly didnt violate any rules otherwise

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Yeah, I suspect you’re probably right, Nice of someone to ask and clarify :slight_smile:

Act first. Ask questions later :slight_smile:
And never apologize even when you screwed up

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… and you’d been banned too … :roll_eyes:

so far I havent been but I can imagine it would happen

Banning you would not sit well with a lot of people… but you being very active on the forum has to be awkward for them I think.

  • Karen

Privately I got an email that seemed to convert the sentiment that “gee please leave these sensitive subjects alone as they cause concern among users. But please keep on answering questions”

As though my single posts here and there can be enough to raise panic among their user base ?
The API debacle did that. The huge delays in getting bugs fixed does that.There are so many more things that many others have said that contribute to this. Its not just me all by myself.

I’m to the point I just give up and will report the bugs I see - that they keep turning into feature requests. I guess that way they can be deferred indefinitely as they focus on more important things - like API 2?


I understand why bob gave up

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@anon18404023: Firstly, thanks for the offering of hosting (or at least the attempt to make the offer). That’s really altruistic of you. Secondly - what the f**k Xojo? Geoff is honestly losing the plot. It’s like he thinks he is running some sort of fiefdom. This paranoia he has about anything other than Xojo being mentioned on the Xojo forum is ridiculous.

@npalardy: You are one of the most helpful people I’ve ever come across on the Web. You are an exceptionally talented programmer and very good at explaining complex programming problems. If Xojo ever chose to ban you or (as their email suggests) want you to stop talking about “sensitive” issues - you are always welcome to post here.


Is there’s a FileMaker Player ?

After reading this discussion, I realize that… “fortunately, I do not asked this on the Xojo Forum”. (I forgot, but I wanted to ask).

BTW: the idea is not to switch to FileMaker, but to know how FileMaker is nowadays (I do not saw it since the early 90s).

VERY expensive :grimacing:

Very much so
Ask Hal Gumbert and Tim Ditriech

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