How do I access action event of a control within a container

Create a container with a list box. Then place three instances of the container on a window
In the navigator, you will have Container 11, Container12, and Container13. How do I program the events for each list box in each container?

You program the events in the original list box inside the container control class and use methods / event handlers to communicate outside of the container.

If the window needs to communicate with the container / its list box, add some public methods to the container control that do the work and call them from the window.

If the list box / container needs to communicate with the parent window you do something like this:
• define some custom event handlers in the container control that pass / receive the relevant data.
• add some private methods to the container control that raise the event handlers.
• add code to the relevant list box events that call the private methods.
• implement your custom event handlers within the instances you have placed on your window.

Thanks for the pointers. I’m off to learn about raising events