Hockey in August!

If I didnt have work to do I could watch hockey games all day
Maybe hockey in august aint such a bad thing :slight_smile:

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Ill take it!

Almost surprised that @quangdog isnt on about the Blues ! :slight_smile:

Heh. Not much to say yet as we are just moseying through the seed placement games. It’ll get much more interesting in the first round.

true true true

still makes for something better to watch than reruns of reruns :slight_smile:

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Ill take any live hockey game now in August for sure :slight_smile: Junior A, Major Juniors, NHL, – All good here

are you guys even allowed out of your bedrooms yet ?

Haha I live with 4 ladies and 2 boys – I think I have .001% of the space in my house for myself :slight_smile:

I have the Penguins set up to ‘record’ on YouTubeTV. When we hit play, it offered to show key plays. And sure enough, it played the relevant action and then caught up to real time. Pretty awesome!

Penquins can play hockey? How can they punch each other with those silly flippers?

I mean, seriously… Hockey is a fight where a game breaks out on occasion, right?

@npalardy, you know I am STILL getting advertisements for backyard hockey rink. They have me convince if I buy one now and set it up, the ice will be ready by morning.

Watched the Blues/Knights game last night. Oof. The Blues are just saving themselves for the actual first round, right? RIGHT?!?!

sure sure sure :slight_smile:
Vegas is a pretty good club. StL better get their butts in gear

Flames 2020!! :sweat_smile:

If we want an alberta team it has to be them as the Oilers got sent packing

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OK … a 5 Overtime game already ?
if they all go like this its gonna be time to start the next season before theyre done :slight_smile:

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Van 5 Stl 2 ???
uh guys
even I dont want to see Vancouver win :stuck_out_tongue: