Heads up abut N/A status in Feedback

Seems that Xojo has silently updated many cases to “Archived” status
Most of mine were showing as N/A as the status

And to top this off they have set them in a way the “last modified date” of the cases was NOT altered.

The issue with this is now these cases are “archived” will they ever get looked at EVEN if the issues still exist in current releases ?


Sadly it archived a couple of my bugs, which are still valid and reproducible. I may have to request them to be reopened.

Well, according to their blog:

Sometime next year we intend to update the system such that when a case has had no activity in two years, the system will automatically change the status of the case to Archived. If you find an Archived case that is still important to you, please request that we reopen it.

So basically, if you don’t actively go through the archived feedback cases ALL THE TIME (because of their 2 years rule that may change the status every day), the answer is NO. As always with Xojo, the responsibility is put on the users shoulders. It is obvious that many bugs will never be resolved as you can imagine many people will never do that. You reported the bug and the normal way would be Xojo follows it up, not you.

But, at the end of the year, they will be able to write another nice blog post patting themselves on the back saying they ‘solved’ so many cases this year… :roll_eyes:

Every one of mine in N/A status that I checked still exists

I asked to have them get the state “Archived” in the list.
And whether they could send note 18 months after last change, so we could verify the bug again.

And myself I asked for a handful to be reopened.

Reporting a bug (or making a feature request) is my responsibility… But why would I or anybody go through and update info on a bug(or feature request) that still exists and we have no additional info on…

Particularly if i find a workaround… But others will trip over it and make the product look bad.

Xojo should be paying US to be their QC if they expect us to do their admin work IMO.


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put archived & n/a in the listshttp://feedback.xojo.com/case/67304

make last modified update on ANY change to the case http://feedback.xojo.com/case/67305

everyone subscribe so xojo knows this impacts lots of people

more subscribers is a good thing

100% agree
That these cases have NOT had any activity in 2 years is NOT my fault
They havent been looked at BY xojo in 2 years
Many of the ones I have asked to be reopened were even confirmed as reproducible or bugs - and nothing further done

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Xojo is making it the customers fault that they didn’t make a big stink about it when they reported the bug. Now you have to make a stink over and over.

That will have a By Design, it is ilogic to change the “last modified” date if what you want is to archive and forget cases not modified in X amount of time

Turns out its NOT just N/A cases
they’ve archived them in all kinds of categories even after their staff has even reproduced the issue


Some I’ve asked to be reopened
http://feedback.xojo.com/case/57500 debugging a while loop in debugger appears to skip entire loop
http://feedback.xojo.com/case/56233 changes to a control on a window are not replicated between same item open in multiple tabs
http://feedback.xojo.com/case/56765 compiler weird error message seems to be linked to wrong order of evaluation
http://feedback.xojo.com/case/57125 thread accessing ui is sometimes raised and sometimes not - it’s inconsistent
http://feedback.xojo.com/case/58068 cant assign constant to any items in shared settings


I’m waiting for a system to mark off what I’ve double checked before I go through all mine. I may be waiting some time.