Has anyone got

code for reading a raw plist that, great fun, doesnt appear to be properly XML compliant ?
its got all kinds of weird crap in between the tags


Waddya want? Do you want code that converts it to a text based XML file or do you want to do it properly (ha ha ha)?

Well this looks like an ancient NeXTStep dict file which is sort of a Plist - I think CFDictionary supposedly can read these

Its the default key bindings file I’m trying to peek at
And KeyBindingsEditor is only 32 bit sooooooo …

I dont know of any decent simple tool to edit these any more

Does it start with bplist?

If so, you can use NSDictionary to load it. From there you can export it as a XML plist string or simply interact with it via NSDictionary options.

No - its plain text but actually NOT valid xml :stuck_out_tongue: Its awesome !

Yeah I tried - it wouldn’t load
not with yours or the one in macOSLIB :frowning:
supposedly the older CFDictionary can load old style NeXT dictionaries
I’ll give that a go

There is a propertylist format for NeXT kCFPropertyListOpenStepFormat. So I agree with trying a CFDictionary.

Cross yer fingers & cover yer eyes !

EDIT YAY !!! it seems to have worked !

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well damn apparently some tools auto convert the stupid thing :slight_smile:

opened the file in HexFiend and yep - its tarts with bplist

but CFDictionary has opened it :slight_smile:

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