Has anyone ever seen this Font anomoly?

I use Ultra Edit for all my non-Xojo and non-XCode editting…
and as in all these programs I use Source Code Pro as the editor font

In UE, I recently found if I type “will list” I get instead


if I change the font to Menlo or Courier, it renders just fine.

Has anyone else ever seen this?

sounds like they have a special ligature in the font for repeated L’s
I’d have guessed it was a font issue but when I switch BBEdit to that font it doesnt display that way

This doesn’t happen to me in Xojo, Xcode, TextEdit etc. only with UltraEdit (my editor of choice for years)

The vendor got back to me, and suggested I turn off “View spaces/tabs”
This did work, but then I lost the UE feature.

And “special ligature” is first thing I thought of… but then only this Editor has an isse, and Source Code Pro is a mono-space font. .so I wouldn’t expect “special ligatures”

and ONLY with “l” either lower or upper case and only when both are SAME case.

Do you find another example of two words whee the first ends with a double character and the second start with the same character ?

It may be a UE feature to display this (just like if they said: "Hey Dave, there are 3 consecutive “l” ") ?

I looked at Source Code Pro in the Glyphs panel in Adobe InDesign. I see “fi” and “fl” ligatures, but nothing that looks like what you are seeing. There’s only one OpenType alternate for the letter (Unicode 02E1, Modifier Small Letter L). Actually, since that’s a space in between the second and third l, it wouldn’t make sense to show a ligature in this context.

I just noticed that the two together are narrower than the first one. There isn’t a narrow version in the font, either.

All this would make me think there’s a bug in UltraEdit

Could it be a “bullet” that was triggered by some bug and the word “list”?

this anomly is any time there are a L L (with a space) or “l l” and UE has “show tabs/spaces” option turned on.

The vendor indicated they cannot reproduce with latest version of UE (I’m one version behind)… But since I own a lifetime licence… I will update and try again

EDIT : It still happens with most recent UE update…

Sure it’s not some bluebottle doings on the screen?


A flyspeck?

Ah… don’t think so, since it “moves”, and appears in a screen shot as well…

but that was a novel idea :smiley:

Moves, eh? Damn clever these bluebottles :rofl:

Well the vendor has been able to reproduce and confirm this anomaly :smiley:

Now its off to their developers for a potential solution

HMMMMM… an active response to a software feedback item within a few hours?
now THAT is a novel concept… [anyone listening? hint hint]

IDM Software has almost always responded to my feedback in hours, and have either offered a configuration related solution, an explanation showing that I had done something wrong, or the fix was in the next release… but at all times an open line of communication was maintained…

That is awesome !