Fawlty Towers episode taken off air …

Wouldn’t it make more sense to take Trump off the air?

Political correctness going crazy.

This guy sums it up:

Another one (sadly very true):

Actually this is not as clear as it seems. The original unedited version did have racial slurs - using the word ngger and wg. The BBC edited that years ago with the full agreement of John Cleese. Netflix and UK Gold were screening the unedited version. This has not been removed because of references t0 the war etc.

I have no problem with them bleeping out the racist comments, but depictions of racists as idiots like in Fawlty Towers aren’t racist, they just induce one to go :man_facepalming:

Furthermore as far as I read it was removed from UKTV which is controlled by the BBC and presumably showed the edited BBC version (though I might be wrong about that):

As for John Cleese - his reaction was:

John Cleese has railed at the decision of BBC-owned streamer UKTV to remove the famous The Germans episode of Fawlty Towers from its platform, labelling people who failed to see it as a critique of racist attitudes rather than an endorsement of them as “stupid”.

Btw the whole (short) article is well worth reading:

P.S. As a German I can say that I was never offended by the “Don’t mention the war!”, the goose-stepping, the Hitler-impersonation … and neither was anyone else who saw it [and yes, I know that wasn’t the reason why it was taken down … which then begs the “devil’s advocat” question: why not?]. It was always understood in Germany as making fun of old and out-moded attitudes.

I was more offended by people in the UK telling me how authoritarian Germany is when they had no idea of modern Germany and the UK was MUCH more authoritarian (though I guess all those old World War 2 propaganda films that were shown every afternoon on the telly had something to do with it). That only changed in 2006 when people came for the World Cup and saw a very different Germany from the one they had been told about … and YES, German’s have a sense of humour :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: