Extract data FROM an Apple TV

not talking music or videos, those have their own place. What I am talking about is the ability to have an App written in Xcode export its own Plist file (or even a temp text file) to a mac, and the ability to send from a mac back to the same app.

There is no AirDrop, there is no Web features, there doesn’t even seem to be any FTP functions

I really don’t like the idea of entering data into the app, and never being able to back it up and restore it should something happen

decided to scrap the ATV version of this app, while it worked just fine, I can’t back up the data. So I’ve opted for an iPad version which I can “cast” to the TV screen as needed.

It won’t me what you want, I suspect, but that sort of thing would normally would be done via an iCloud account.