This command, used in IDE scripting…

Is there any way to set the default filename?
Alternately, is there a way within IDE scripting to change the name of the .xojo_binary_project file so that when “SaveFileAs” is called, the new name shows up?
Is there a “copy file” function within the IDE scripting? (I realize it could maybe be done with a shell command, but I’m always looking for the “easy way”) :slight_smile:

you dont get those choices

IDE scripting was intended to drive the IDE’s UI as IF someone was sitting at the desk doing it
And so it really isnt aimed at a lot of the tasks people ARE trying to beat it into submission to do (like writing code for them and saving as different formats etc)

Do Command records “actions” but all your going to get is the IDE reacting as if you had selected that command from the menu.
Thats ALL DoCommand does. Runs that action and the rest is up to you to deal with.
So you’ll still have to enter a new name, select a format, etc.

The IDE Script context would need a new “save file as” command added that would let you specify parameters like new file name new type etc in order to bypass that “SaveFileAs” dialog

You just made that silly thing (IDE scripting) WAY too powerful and really useful. It’s my favourite thing about the IDE.

I figured that was the answer, but I thought I’d check. Thanks, @npalardy !

I only added to it
It existed before I ever arrived
Given what folks try to do with it it really needs an overhaul to be able to manipulate all the items in a project better and more built ins to be able to do things like you suggesting - Save this project in a specific location with a new name etc

edit : knew I’d created such a case once upon a time
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