Discord group?

I know I was on the Xojo group on the Discord server, but when I now (after a lengthy absence) log in I’m on my own. No groups of any kind to be seen, but I am logged in? What happened to me?

No idea. I don’t get on with the Discord. I find it difficult to keep the narrative in my head. It ends up just being a enormous text thread with no context. I much prefer forums, hence why I created this one :smile:.

I agree, but I wanted to check a conversation that was referenced in a thread … and all I get is a blank slate. No groups, no friends … aaaall aloooone …!

And thanks for creating this site, I enjoy coming here.

Thats on this discord https://discord.gg/n7ryjF ?

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Thanks to Norman I can see the Discord Xojo group again.

Welcome. Here’s hoping for a long and prosperous future.

Guess the question is how to get the word out that there IS this resource where its OK to ask about other tools etc ?

Obviously we cant post a link on the Xojo forums but what else ?
Ideas ?

Posted on MacUpdate:

Xojo is great in so many ways, but infuriatingly lacking in others, and we feel it is important to be open and transparent on what Xojo is good at, and what not. As we welcome discussion and competition and think you should use the right tool for the job there is now an alternative Xojo forum where you CAN discuss alternative development platforms and their respective strengths and weaknesses as well - see https://ifnotnil.com

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@MarkusWinter: Well done on the MacUpdate post.

We could see if Bob is willing to write something on his blog. I asked Christian when I started the site if he’d send out a message but he wasn’t keen.

In actual fact both Bob and Christian didn’t seem keen at all on the idea of another forum which I found a little surprising.

Heh I see now the discord group has a bot scanning for new posts in the IfNotNil announcements channel :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve added an Announcements category. Anthony Cyphers has said he will add the feed to his XoPro website too.