Delete My Account - It's You, Not Me

I’ve seen enough here to know that it’s not a healthy place (for me). I like healthy places. I have searched and it seems that I cannot close my account myself on this software.

I am formally requesting that my account here be deleted or removed.

It’s not me, it’s you. Hope you understand.



Even for an admin

Best that can be done is to anonymize your account which leaves the posts present but makes your account unavailable to you, or anyone else, to be logged into

that’s not rgpd friendly …

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It is the same Forum Software Xojo, inc uses. Only as a hint. And by the way following to European right it is forbidden not to have the possibility for a user to erase his account. Every user has a right to be forgotten. At least following the European law. For me it makes no difference because INN is not commercial so this European directive is not counting but for commercial driven Sites it is counting even if the Page is hosted in US. Only difference: if the company in US has end users in Europe. So for Xojo,inc for example it is forbidden by European law not to have it. On the other site I have to ask who will do anything against.

What makes me asking another question: what if a banned user does not want his Texts and Photos longer in a forum where he has no access. That violates even US right. But: who cares. I hope nobody.

You’ll probably find that the posts belong to xojo once you post thought I’ve not read the terms recently. I’ve seen a few users get removed and replaced with System already.

That is the only solution and the way Xojo is going to fulfill the rules. But the Forum Software is not fulfilling this conditions. It is sad that the forum Software by self is not able to. And yes: it is NOT a Software developed or written by Xojo, it is just one of the best Forum Softwares you can find on the market. With this only black hole in it’s functionality.

There’s a setting in the forum software where a user can self delete if they have posted under an admin specified number of posts. Once they pass the limit they cannot self delete, which in a way stops people leaving and destroying thread continuity as their posts are purged so I can understand why its done and why its not a feature after a certain point. I think the way most sites do it rename the user, change the password and email.

I can ANONYMIZE the account which means its no longer connected to that person
But their posts will remain - just under a name like anon21758199

Which you’ll see above since I did this

This way “content” is not lost by deleting posts - but that USER is no longer registered

I thought “anon21758199” was actually the real user’s name while I read the entire thread, right now, until I stumbled accros your quoted sentence :grin:

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Just so everyone is clear, a user can delete their account if it’s new and they have not made any posts.
After some time has passed, a user can no longer delete their own account but can ask an admin to delete it for them. If the user has posts then to delete their account the admin first has to delete all their posts. Then the account can be deleted.
A better way (as norm has done) is to anonymize the posts so that the content is still there but the account is not. Essentially the text is no longer connected to the user that has gone.
AFAIK, this is perfectly in line with European laws. Please feel free to correct me if you have documentation that contradicts what I’ve said.

No that’s true except of European copyright law. If you want to I will bring you the documentation of a lawsuit in front of European court about it. They are crazy. But that is in this case not counting while there was no text spendet in San intellectual complexity which is needed for it.

I would be interested. Is it a case specifically involving a discourse forum?

I do not know. I have checked it in another project where we had American, Canadian and European law. And we got out that in Europe people have the right to be forgotten and in all countries the right that their text copyright is respected. When removing the name but leave the content there can be a violation of the copyright law when and if the person has written longer texts with much content. It is difficult but it can be. That makes it extremely complex to write a forum Software. Discouse does not allow you to do, other forum Softwares also (you may see often also in another forum locations “deleted user” or something like that. So there is a difficult situation. I believe that nobody will ever do a trial because of this.

Does not allow you to do what, exactly?
You can delete a user, their posts, whatever you like if you’re an admin.

Sometimes it’s better not to discuss. I have that Moment now. I believe it is loosing of time to discuss in that case where the admins say another thing then you MAESTOR. So: I will be outa here. Better for me and saving time

I would like to know, regarding EU or US laws
if a user asks to delete his account on a forum, it has the right to do so.
does it means that it’s posts on the forum must be deleted too (and not only anonymized ?)
as in a certain manner, these posts belong to that user ?
so the posts must be replaced by “post deleted by user request” ?

once you contribute something, of your own free will, I dont believe you can subsequently say you retract it and expect it to be removed

BUT I am not a lawyer so I could well be incorrect and if anyone really wants to push it I’d make my very best effort to remove all the posts as well

Being forgotten is, I believe, a different matter and I’ve made the best effort I can to abide by that persons request

It depends. In Europe it is so that the copyright is always tight to the one which was inventing it. That makes a stupid effect: when making only antonymic the content is still there. Maybe a scientific text or something like that.

In funky Europe that is possible

GDPR? by law you have 48 hrs to remove any user identifiable content. I did this with Xojo once to remove my acct.

It is , but he prefers to be called simply “199”