Define XML

which of these two formats would you reccomend?

<control type=proj_window id=49>
       <..... OTHER STUFF 


<control type=proj_window id=49 caption="Window" icon="icon12" isContainer="True" category="Project">
       <..... OTHER STUFF 

The first - much more user readable and easier to quickly scan for the info you look for.


Me too.

I would have thought users shouldn’t need to read the file. The first is far easier to the computer to deal with. It is also smaller.

depends on what you need & when

for instance, if you need to read a “project” to know what classes in memory to create as you read the second gives you that the moment you get the node without having tread all the details

the first you might have to walk through the nodes to find things like the class type etc since XML doesn’t mandate ordering of nodes

in reality its probably somewhere in between - some things immediately accessible in attributes, and the rest in contained nodes

FYI… this XML defines the control manifest for my Swift IDE.

I decided to go with the first version

it look s VERY familiar :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL… yes I’m sure it does… .and THANKS again… this is working out quite well :smiley: