dBase lives ? OMG!

stumbled on this after looking at Pointer function - General - Xojo Programming Forum

this loop would assign a1, a2, a3, a4 the string “The Text”

There is no counterpart in Xojo

Wow - did you see the “dBASE Classic” page? They even include the original documentation scanned to pdf format!

That theres a 2019 release amazed me
dBase was damned useful in its day
Didnt look beyond that but it’d be interesting to see whats happened to it in the intervening years

Oh for the love of God just kill it for good :slight_smile:

What déjà vu :rofl: Can some one of you remember Clipper?

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Sure, I was an expert in such language. Loved when I was able to stop supporting COBOL apps and writing CLIPPER ones and linking them with C libs to give’em superpowers instead.

Alaska xBase++
Harbour xBase


Wow! DBase was one of the first languages I started writing in. Holy throwback Wednesday!

Also had a clipper decompiler (may still have it on an older drive)

Unfortunatelly I’m working with Clipper on a daily basis. We do have plans to migrate from it but have not come around to doing so.

Wow! I did a lot of work with dBase and Nantucket Clipper then, back in the 80ies! Just before we switched to programming MS Windows frontend GUIs to the SQL Server, which was an OS/2 software then (by Ashton Tate, Sybase and Microsoft) …

You are in DOS or OS/2 world? Unbelievable! :scream:

Back in the 80s (around 1987) ported for a company 2 bigger solutions (merchandise planning and control system) from dBase/Clipper to C because of performance issues.

Sems like, this audience is a collection of dinosaurs :rofl:


Hey! I resent resemble that remark! :wink:

Don’t laugh… We are running win 95 on a VM. Yeah, that bad

Why havent you tried something such a Harbour? We switched to xHarbour & MS-SQL years ago

welcome to the community here

YES! I had a Clipper Generator, called CAPP, at this time (1986) - which generated a complete Application from a data model. People did not buy it because they regarded it as a fake. Even if they had tried and tested it. Did not change until now with CAPP for Xojo. :roll_eyes: