CustomButton clips text when icon has been assigned?

I played a bit with the CustomButton in Xojo 2021 R2.1, renaming it to Open and adding an icon.

The result in the app is not what the IDE showed:

CustomButton bug

From top to bottom:

  • CustomButtons with an icon assigned and an orange background
  • CustomButtons with an icon assigned and a white background
  • CustomButtons without an icon assigned but with an orange background
  • A BevelButton with the same caption and icon

Am I missing something here? Because I was expecting a bug report having been logged, but nada.

Is this a sample app etc that ships with Xojo ?
I’m not finding anything named “CustomButton”

CustomButton is from Björn.

:man_facepalming: You are right. I didn’t think I had installed the plug-ins but obviously I did. Short-term memory going already? :scream: