Create ActiveX for Xojo

Does anyone know or have a tutorial for C++ to create a ‘Hello World’ program as an ActiveX for Xojo (2019 r1.1)?

I am not sure if ActiveX’s are 32-bit and 64-bit compatible, or if there is special formatting required?

Just didn’t want to reinvent the wheel :slight_smile:

None that I know pf

They are, like dlls’ 32 or 64 bit
I dont know of a way to have a “universal one” although apparently there are ways for a 32 bit program to load 64 bit ones

OOoooooohhhhh square wheels ! :slight_smile:

This is a recent article as of 6 Apr 2020, noice :slight_smile: I’ll play with this code today and see what I can do. Thanks!