Could SOMEONE help Dodo on TOF?

This thread is cringeworthy:

Surely SOMEONE can explain how the TextArea works and the difference between a TextArea’s .styledText.RTFdata and .text properties and how they relate to each other?

I can’t (suspended again), but where are the MVPs when they could be useful? Because that thread throws a very poor light on the state of Xojo … and no, I don’t mean locking it but help the poor :thinking: … person …

I 've tried …

Not really. Basically you are talking past each other.

He has styled text (think of a TextArea with text that has bold or coloured text in it).

He wants to add text to that without destroying the styles. He might like to add more styled text.

You are not showing anything like that, even in the example you uploaded.

He does not know what RTF is. Look at how he sent a whole RTF code in a loop (n times). The TextArea do not understand what to do with that…

I know. That’s why they were talking past each other, both making wrong assumptions.