Computed property changes itself :(

class someClass {
var zShowbackdrop : Bool = false 

init() {
   showBackdrop = true // start the instance with TRUE

// THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE "zShowBackdrop" is supposed to change
// the NV message appears ONLY ONCE
public final var showBackdrop : Bool {
   get { return zShowBackDrop! }
   set { print("NV=\(newValue)"); zShowBackDrop = newValue; invalidate() }

public override func draw(_ rect: CGRect) {
   print("? \(showBackdrop)") // this shows that the value DID change somehow
   if showBackdrop == true {
... do stuff

create an instance

var temp = someClass()
temp.showBackdrop = false /// THIS HAPPENS ONCE 

The draw event is call as required (like PAINT in Xojo)… after a few times, all of a suddend showBackdrop begins returning TRUE again

At NO time did the computed property get executed again (there would have be an “NV” msg)
There are NO other variables or references that might “stomp” on this

Ok… somehow (yet to be determined)… ANOTHER instance of the class in question is coming into existance,

GET false : <SimpleSchema.gridImage: 0x7fb7eb5052f0>
Draw false : <SimpleSchema.gridImage: 0x7fb7eb5052f0>
GET false : <SimpleSchema.gridImage: 0x7fb7eb5052f0>
GET true : <SimpleSchema.gridImage: 0x7fb7e9f430b0> <---- CHANGED INSTANCE?!

This is what it was… I had accidently cut/pasted a view initializer, and it created a duplicate