Censorship reached a new level in the Xojo forum …

Now Anthony G. Cyphers doesn’t even pretend anymore to follow anything resembling rules - first he edited other people’s replies (leaving users unhappy), then he just wiped all responses. Just WOW …

What are you expecting. That form of censorship is the censorship of despote networks which are forming their world like they like it to be. They don’t want to live with critics and they ton’t want to discuss the problems. And then: the plugin manufacturer has a big interest that it looks fine, clean, without critic and without any problem, Bug, error.

The Workaround tips are only for not experienced users while they have no Idea of programming and the Workarounds itself are the normal way and they have no Idea.

When you start acting so the end is near while new customers are nice but not fanboys and while they are no fanboys they look on it for a year and they are gone. Without a broad userbase with installed Apps outside it dies.

That will happened when you give the power to a third party salesman

Where did the page go?

They either made it private or deleted it. Either way it’s an awful look.


Thanks. Just saw this in another INN thread.

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wasn’t Norman fired for deleting some of his own posts …?

ha !

Anthony didnt remove his OWN post though :slight_smile:

I think

Do as we SAY not as we DO


got a message from the ORIGINATOR of that post that HE requested it be deleted if the answer, with a link here, would not be allowed