CanvasStack link on the other forum

for @DaveS

Aurelian_Negrea is asking where is the link for the zip.

I am interested to check this out too. the link isn’t working

No… the link doesn’t work. When Xojo banned me from their forum, I asked them to remove my last name from all postings, in doing so, they also corrupted any existing URL links in past posts.

But since I have left the Xojo community, I no longer offer any of the code or controls that I had made available when I was an active, supporting member of Xojo (something I can no long do in good conscience ). The main reason, is I have no way , nor inclination to deal with any questions or other support issues that might arise.

My apologies.

i found your zip file in one of my backup

Ok… hope it works out for you :slight_smile: