Can’t Open File my App creates

I’m on Mac OS 12.4 Xojo 2022.R1.1 on an Intel Mac

But this needs to work back to High Sierra and Windows 7-11

I am creating a custom file type and Saving the file. If I double click on the data file the app opens and opens the datafile just fine.

If however if I try to open the app with the Open Dialog class I can’t select the file… It is greyed out! How can if fix this besides allowing the file one to per any file and then checking if it is a .PLC after?

The Save and Open methods are show below… Both use the same File Set Filter!

Here is the save method:

Public Function Save(File as FolderItem = Nil) As Boolean
  If File Is NIL then
    Dim dlg As New SaveAsDialog
    dlg.InitialDirectory = App.Prefs.PLCFolder
    dlg.PromptText = "Save Fermentation Data"
    If Not (theData.DataFile Is NIL) then
      dlg.SuggestedFileName = theData.DataFile.Name
      dlg.Title = "Save Fermentation As"
      dlg.SuggestedFileName = theData.Title
      dlg.Title = "Save Fermentation"
    End if
    dlg.Filter = PLCFileSet.PLCSaved
    File = dlg.ShowModal
    If File Is Nil Then 
      Return False
    ElseIf File.Exists then 
    End if
  End if
  Return True
End Function

Here is the Open Method:

Sub Action() Handles Action
  Dim dlg As OpenDialog
  dlg = New OpenDialog
  dlg.InitialFolder = App.Prefs.PLCFolder
  dlg.Filter = PLCFileSet.PLCSaved
  dlg.ActionButtonCaption = "Select PLC File"
  dlg.CancelButtonCaption = "Cancel"
  dlg.SuggestedFileName = ""
  dlg.Title = "Select Saved PLC Data (.PLC) File(s)"
  dlg.PromptText = "Select Select Processed PLC File"
  dlg.MultiSelect = False
  Dim F as FolderItem = dlg.ShowModal
  If F is NIL Then Return
End Sub

I’ve seen this
Nothing seems wrong in the apps I’ve seen this occur
The App’s plists are all OK and document types are OK

What I HAVE found works is, in the dialog, right click & select RENAME
Dont actually rename the file
That seems to tweak thing so you can select the file

I truly have NO idea why it is this way - but I have seen it

One possibility is that spotlight & metadata indexing simply hasn’t completed and so it doesnt realize that the file can / should be openable

It just started working on it’s own, so I think your hypothesis is right.


meta data collection can be doggedly slow sometimes