Build Xojo for Win and OSX on Linux

I’ve never even seen the Linux IDE, but will it build to x64 Win and MacOS?

I think the only one that can compile for all three is the MacOS IDE. Not sure if the Linux IDE can compile for Windows, but I’m pretty sure not for MacOS.

This should all be a bit clearer on the Xojo Website. They now have some ‘hidden’ hover thingy that explains it somewhat, but it is clear someone buying the IDE for Windows/Linux does not get the same value for his money like the MacOS one.

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Linux version can build for Windows.

It’s just that some tools needed to build for macOS are not available on other platforms.

Linux Version of IDE is compiling for Windows and Linux but not for Mac. It was compiling for 32 Bit MAC untril 2019 R3.2 but after MAC was deprecating the 32 Bit Support there was no possibility for running the code after. So compilung for Mac will not work at all from Linux and / or Windows IDE. Only IDE which is able to compile in all directions is the MAC IDE which can compile for Mac, Windows and Linux.

With Xojo you wont be able to build FOR a mac unless you are ON a mac

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