BKeeney NoDBReport - link fields to data?

Im having trouble connecting text fields in the report to the datat. I feed in a dict as nearly exactly the same as the example, with the exceptions of the data field names dont match, but Im not getting the data to come through. I tried using the UI to link fields by matching syntax and quickly realized theres not a match. I then took the “linked” text field Items from the example JSON, patched those into my report JSON and was wringing my hands for the rebuild. You can guess the rest…Im using primarily xojo 2019 r1 on the project with this reporting (which i like a lot) and had everything go pretty much as planned with an sqliteDB. I am making some changes and want to populate some pre-made, but user confugurable report templates. I think Bob is around here and mayb Tim? Theres gotta be some real simple linkage Im overlooking, right?

@bkeeney has been here from time to time as has @Tim
But I think Shorts got a new home recently

i saw that but am hoping someone ran into this and it trivial - has to be. I might have found it. trying a few things now

so i did get the linkage by copying and then modifying the NoDB.short_report but I would like to know what Im missing there if anyone has messed with it. Great stuff really, great stuff.

I don’t have access to Shorts anymore, but if I’m recalling correctly you send in a dictionary where the keys are the fully qualified field names that need to match the fields.

Do you have a sample project you can send me?

Thanks Tim, I dont because its part of a much bigger one but I should have done better describing it - i can link the data to my dict fine by copying the NoDB.shorts_report and then appropriating the fields. I suspect they must be created with a db linked textfield since the json has more linkage. Anyway, afaik, there’s no way for me or my user to create new new linked tags or alter this kind of report. I am using redis for a variety of other tech reasons and have a bunch of user configurable data objects that I want them to be able to use the same way if they were db tables/views. I am trying to maybe subclass something in the ccDesigner or otherwise roll my object to provide users with linkage. Id like to think I could simply spin off all the properties on a class I want exposed and the user adds to a “table” object and make the linkages available that way…so thats the road im on. The whole thing works so perfect for what im doing except for this