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anyone out there have any sort of opinion about this? Big Sur, not so much the other question!

my iMac 27 is not officially supported, but I know it will work with a hackety hack, but is it worth bothering with right now or best wait for a nice update?

Just wait a bit and buy a new Mac with Big Sur when Apple updates them again somewhere in 2021.

I love the fact that it seems everyone has a few grand to just throw around… some of us have to be a bit more thoughtful in how and when we make a major purchase


If his iMac is no longer supported, it could be 5+ years old and doj may have saved a lot of money by not buying one every year.

settings and stuff and … dunno … it just is :slight_smile:

Mine was nearly 10 when I decided to buy a new one :slight_smile:

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My 2014 5k iMac is running Big Sur but I expect it to be the last new OS it will take. I doubt I’ll get 10 years out of this iMac but you never know. Now that I’m not doing hardly any consulting and have an employer work computer I probably won’t spend the money unless I have to.

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You can now install VMWare and install future macOS versions inside a VM.

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In my house we are still running a late 2009 27" i7 iMac. It’s limited to High Sierra, but for a lot of uses it’s still OK so far.


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will have 27" iMac from 2011… so it will be 10 years next year and still pretty good

I have no doubt the choice not to support mine is nothing to do with its ability to deal with the OS but rather to force a hardware update.

iMac 27 late 2012 BTO, i7 32Gb 1TB SSD, its superb, no performance issues at all with many apps all running at once, I have no need to change the hardware as far as I can see.

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Which is exactly what Apple was hoping you’d do!

Do you have a need to run BS?

Hi Sam,
no I do not need to, but others using the apps will at some point.

I am expecting an M1 mini for Christmas so it might be I make everything new OS after that arrives.


The Mac Mini is getting great reviews, unless you use a Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse (including Apple’s).

However that would mean that you need a display, wired keyboard and mouse to use it.

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iMac 27 late 2012 BTO, i7 32Gb 1TB SSD

The question is more: with this computer, am I able to do my job for my customers.

Everything else is bullshit.

Now, you have all rights to drive a good old Ford T (if yours can run, and you have papers / insurances / etc.). :slight_smile:

I’m an early adopter by nature (pet my PS5), but this time i’ll pass and wait for M2 or so. And Big Sure currently on my MBP, looks a bit too much like some Kindergarten Staff designed it… :wink:

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amazing machine… i love to have 32GB iMac

UI by Crayola and Fisher-Price ?


UI done by children. Safari completely unusable on news website .


Thanks, it was not new, I got from Hoxton Macs 4 years ago with 16Gb and 3TB fusion drive.
32Gb memory was not expensive and the SSD was also cheap enough, still a very fast and capable machine that looks beautiful.

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