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  1. usually typing the full path to the app works console or desktop
  2. there can be but its hard to be 100% sure as it may depend, in part, on your app
  3. again that may not be necessary but it cant be a bad thing to do

you can do it as a single command as well

for instance the solitaire game on my vm is in /usr/games/sol
so I can invoke it as


and it its important that I be in the same dir (ie it relies on PWD CWD etc or something) then you could do

cd /usr/games/ ; sol


Thank you Norman.

Since no one replied there I figured I would

Whats the command to close an app? Is there another to restart it? In this case it would be for a desktop app on Raspberry Pi.

Thanks again!

to close one nicely ?
there isn’t one unless that app responds to a signal nicely (kill is one of the signals)

but you can kill one using the kill command kill -9

restart is kill then start it again

the app may have some different commands available but that will depend on the app