Ask the Engineers

not really a transcript but a summary of what got asked & answered

2022r1.1 top ship “next week” - early may

2022r2 focuses on bug fixes


FEWER new features in future releases
Better mix of features / fixes

2022r2 should start beta late May

Where can I get a T-shirt ?
interact with us - one social media, attend an event

Who is the database guru at Xojo ?
All of us have db experience
Plugins - Willian works on that

Will be able to build Android & iOS at once ?
Android is a separate project type
Eventually it will be one
Not there yet

Who is working on web related stuff ?

Modern ui for Windows - what does that mean ?
Will be like carbon to cocoa transition for Windows (win32 → WinUI)

API 2 any need to update deprecations ?
No real rush to update code
Sticking around for a long long time - years of code in API 1
Will continue to work for long time

Will be more deprecations in future ?
Cant predict - api2 large transition
Dont plan to do more like that

Working in web layout - plans to view UI result without having to build ?
No idea if this is practical

XojoScript on mobile ?
XojoScript might violate Apple app store rules for iOS

Might have an anecdote about headaches on android development ?
Paul - Hooking up debugger to android
Travis - transpiler headaches

Plans for workers & web projects ?
No official design for it - yet

Debugger enhancements ?
Hover & watch lists
Would love to see

iOS eventually support watch apps ?
TVos and WatchOS are similar but still not iOS
Low demand
could probably do it but no priority

New docs ?
watch keynote 2

GTK 3 and GTK 4 ?
most distros dont use
something we’re aware of but no immediate need/plans

URLConnection has issues had to switch to CURL ? Any improvements to it ?
URLConnection talks to underlying OS routines
Specific issues we’d need cases & examples

improvements to listbox ? can share insights ?
working on new control
grid control
testing but nothing to show yet

Status of interops ?
Still want to make OS calls easier
Maybe a code assistant instead of full interops ?
Something to make doing OS calls easier

Ability to write plugins in Xojo itself ?
design docs
nothing implemented & tested
tested LLVM bit code
Dropped in priority because of other feature requests

When is RPI going to support 64 bit ?
64 bit ARM support required
Frameworks on RPi needs to be done - on radar but going to work on it “soon”

Web feedback ?
actively working on what future of bug & case reporting will be

Is there a listy of what was deprecated in API2 ?

Will move away from one control for all platforms paradigm ?
There isnt one for desktop web mobile
There may be one control that is platform specific
Mobile does have a different table between android & iOS

What about controls that are only on Mac VS Windows ? (ie/ popover ?)
Already have some that are specific (tray item ?)

What sort of improvements to IDE navigation are being considered ?
Continues to evolve
Navigator - try to make it more efficient
Designs keep changing
May get broken into more items as things evolve

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As a Linux developer (primarily) this was a big reason I learned a new language and haven’t opened Xojo since, beside the abysmal XDC which followed. There were obviously other reasons but we all know what these are…

That one is the key. Fix the bugs!

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Fixing the bugs would make a massive difference to the appeal of using Xojo again

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so basically another Xojo nothing burger


That is what I feel.