Are you looking forward to the next WWDC?

  • I can’t wait for the exiting new features that each new version of macOS brings.
  • Again wasting time for “security” features.
  • But macOS BS isn’t really out of beta, yet.

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[✓] None of the above :slight_smile:


I’m looking forward to it - there were some EXCELLENT videos the last time. I especially enjoyed the MapKit one. Plus hopefully some new hardware.

More iOS apps and features on macOS.

[ :heavy_check_mark:] None of the above :pensive:

I hope they give some information about new pro hardware or the next gen of the M cpu.
I am developing with B4X. I hope there will be no barrier in doing this.
I tried SwiftUI but it is still complicated for me. I would be happy if there are more improvements for SwiftUI.

I honestly expect they will since rumors say the “M2” is being fabricated

If there will be java on it your b4j apps will run.