Are we all - Flogging a dead horse?

True, but then I don’t want that level of functionality - yet.

tomorrow we will have another tech bubble hype… as I told, AI saves us from Blockchains, before that it was VR/AR… before that it was anything else…


squirrel !

VR is a multi BILLION industry and has being growing year after year… Same growth with Blockchains… It just became something usual that is not on the news but, really? bubble hype?

Niche hype until an uncertain mainstream incorporation, never will die regardless, so not a bubble, bubble bursts, niche inflates and deflates, but do not burst.

But NFT… what a mud bubble. :laughing:

Cardano (ADA) made a very nice contribution to my pension pot, bought at $0.18 and sold at $2.47 :grinning::+1:

When Venezuela recently suffered hyperinflation and the Bolivar became worthless ( to the extent using cash to buy toilet paper was a false economy ) I read the population had resorted to trading with Dash which was quite an interesting development as it involved a crypto currency actually being used for its intended purpose rather than just as a speculative asset class. I haven’t been keeping up with events so I don’t know if its usage has persisted.

I was shocked at how bad gpt has got over the last few months, then I discovered

I was amazed at how good it is, it actually started suggesting extra features to the code I was writing which were really cool.

My stand on LLM has changed. This is my thought process now.

No AI - Chat GPT was a major leap forward, GPT to Claude Ai is the same sized step!