Apple WWDC23 session recordings will be available online and for free

Apple’s WWDC23 sessions will all be live in the internet and recordings accessible for free.

For learning Swift, the sessions can be a source of good information and code samples.

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Free? Internet? I can only advise you to invest in XDC. Nothing is good for free, and you also will get recorded videos, t-shirts and get to know a stable genius.


Sound advise and I would really like to go. The master’s opening presentations are pure comedy gold.

Guys please, pay not only for videos. Pay more respect to our stable genius, in fact just send in your money and pay… forwhatever

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Looking back, that’s what I did for over a decade :nauseated_face: :thinking:

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is called Pro Plus. Get ‘top priority support’ and ‘fast fixes’. Pay for it once, twice….

UFIC - ultra fast issue closing.

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When you paid $399 or $799 for a license it’s not a bug. Get used to it! But, if you paid us a nice $1999, we could consider it being a bug and fix it.
Only a true genius can invent such an ingenious licensing scheme.

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I really have 2nd thoughts there is anybody paying 2 grands for xojo per year…

I saw ‘priority’ tagged issues in the list. Whether it relates to actual licenses of that kind or not, I don’t know.

It did however change how I look a the entire bug misery in Xojo. More and more bugs with each release and too many bugs lingering in the system for years. Instead of looking at technical glitches I may actually look at sales pitches for the $1999 license.

That there are not enough coders in Xojo’s dev team I get. Though I can hardly believe that they are this bad at coding. And Xojo does unit testing, after all.

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Bugs are normal and per se not an issue, but not managing bugs is.

The issue Xojo is currently facing: if you don’t manage them for a while, then they grow over your head. At Xojo, this has led to the endless mantra for about 10 years, that you should set priorities, set points, review bugs again, and that you should advertise for friends who also see your bug as a “valid” bug. Brilliant!

And since the colleagues don’t know what to do anymore, and there are in fact listed bugs that may have become obsolete in newer releases due to other solutions, the only “solution” left for Inc. was to program a bot and its algorithms simply archived the bugs.

And the biggest problem of all is that an existing release is very rarely patched (this only happened a few times with serious bugs) and you always need the latest release. So Xojo is 1) a subscription model 2) it is just sick for a development tool.

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This is the bs loop for those who do not pay $1999. $1999 is one of two ways out of Xojo bug hell. The other way is the door :saluting_face:

Very true. It is a smash in the face. For the Pros+ (as I’m not aware they get more for their bucks, I mean Xojo is offering consultancy too, probably for a reason :wink: ) and of course for all other users too.

BTW Xojo could even stay with the subscription model, which didn’t bother anyone when the solution was still better. As long as you can generate money with Xojo, that’s the least of your problems, if you are a pro.

But as @thorstenstueker and others have pointed out several times, they just need an LTS model. A stable version that will be patched and a version with new features and patches that would eventually become the new LTS.

My fear from discussions in TOF: The Inc. actually wants that too, at least they sympathize with the idea from a technical point of view, but apparently it doesn’t work with their current processes. That in turn must scare us and shows clearly that there is much more wrong than we would like.

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They need to have to versions: LTS that gets patches and the latest version. Not enough people in that company for pulling this one off. Let’s see if genius comes up with a solution other than ‘I report to no one’.

that’s a good one :slight_smile: . We all know the answer: NO! :slight_smile:

I believe the Inc. still hasn’t understood THE problem. When people are left dealing with disgruntled customers, can’t implement their ideas, can’t realize their own standards, then the product is useless. If no more money comes in, no licenses are bought. Period.

And it doesn’t help if Genius picks 2-3 examples from the millions of Xojo developers where people earn millions with an app. Finally, at the beginning of the Apple Watch, you could also make money with an app that only displayed a spinning diamond.

Apps are successful when they solve customer problems,

few customers are interested in which product was used to achieve this. But at the slightest problem (“sorry, that doesn’t work with my toolchain”), it flies in your face and then suddenly the compliance officers, the admins, the purchasing department come and ask you (rightly) whether you have one sandwich short of a picnic, and what this Xojo actually is all about.

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They can book my Team to help them to implement exactly the needed structure. I would not say no. And there would be ways to work. But they need to have interest to get a solution and an opening to the market. also a few more things than only LTS are needed to be open also for new technologies and to make things easier to implement. There are many solutions which are possible and many ways they could go. If big ones can do it, small ones can do it either.

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Amy Whinehouse sang genius’ response to your offer a long time ago:

“They tried to make me go to Rehab
But I said no, no, no”

For being able to integrate outside help they must adapt their processes and first of all change company culture. I share @Jeannot’s point of view: won’t happen.

A Xojo style solution could be selling LTS at an extra $4999.

Absolutely right. And Xojo couldn’t care less because Genius doesn’t know what a compliance officer is ‘I report to no one’.

The big Joke on it is, that the changes are saving money instead of costing it. It has a simple background: not to run after the bugs in both is real fun. Always when your LTS is running don’t touch it until there is a showstopper. So simple life can be. Everybody knows what’s going on. The other Bugs: carry on to treat them in the incubator Version. There you will get also all new upcoming bugs out. After a few years the complaining ends up totally.

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