Apple cuts App store fee to 15% for small developers


That makes it worth to build something for it.
15% is reasonable. 30% is not.

Isnt Googles still a flat 30% ? Subscriptions are 30% dropping to 15% after year one or something ?

Now I wonder if Apple’s new 15% store fee will just make the Mac App Store ever more crowded and difficult for our apps to be discovered.

On the other hand, Google changed the terms for Youtube so that it can show more ads but small video makers are not paid, only large ones:

This has been the crux of the App Store for several years now. I’d have been okay if Apple had kept the 30% rate, but introduced mechanisms to promote us small guys, even if it was just a MacUpdate clone.

I’ve heard that it’s one of the reasons as to why people don’t visit the App Store regularly any more, as they see the same apps from the same vendors all the time. People want to see new stuff and that is where Indie developers come in.


oh crap… i hate the ads in youtube… so irritating


I hate the complete way of “free” content those days.
In reality, there is no free content. But the only possible way to “pay” for the content is by giving your data and watching ads. No other form of payment possible.
Did I say that I really hate that?

So do I. In fact, I never “watch videos right on YouTube”; I always download them first on my computer, watch them (perhaps on a later time) and then decide whether I want to keep them or delete them, even for a single-time watching.


me too, so when one comes on I just close the broswer window. and would go back later to watch the video. and I have a 50/50 chance I wont get an ad the second time.

and I do the same thing with twitch (and the like). ad comes on and I close the window.

Same here, using ClipGrab on my Mac …

@scott never try that before… will give it a try

@MarkusWinter, i use ClipGrab too… but i think the download stop on the first ad

Are you using the current version? No problems here that I noticed …

just got the latest one… working now… thanks @MarkusWinter