API2.0 Question

Most (not all) controls have/had a property called AUTODEACTIVATE

My question is… in the VCS PROJECT FORMAT (in the control PROPERTIES, not any code sections)…
it shows as

AutoDeactivate  =   True

is this still true? or did they change the VCS format as well, and if so, what other things?

Again… this is NOT related to any CODE a developer may write, but has to do with the CONTROL PROPERTY sections written directly by the IDE itself

Note : I cannot test this myself, as the last version I have that can write VCS is 2019r1.1

Yeah they write it with the NEW property name

   Begin PushButton PushButton1
      AllowAutoDeactivate=   True

BUT if you save a project as though it came from an old IDE then you can simply worry about the old name

They break backwards compatibility doing this but they have demonstrated that they just do not care about this in any way

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Crap… so now I have to figure out all those stupid changes… since I need a consistent value in my project file, regardless of what version of Xojo created it

case "allowautodeactive","autodeactivate"

Norman… would you be so kind as to create a simple single window project, with a button, a few dummy methods, events, save it as VCS (beyond 2019r1.1) and email it to me?

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2020r1 is going to end up being a “forced” upgrade
I wonder if they broke binary & xml as well

hear ! hear ! hear !

I thought ‘the’ API 2.0 question was ‘Didnt you have anything better to do with your time?’