Anyone on Threads?

If anyone here is using “Threads”… Sam Rowlands (@pixelmancer) on Threads

I will not be there… sorry.

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Not available in Europe for the moment :frowning:

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And it looks like they shut down web access and only have the App
And OMG does it want a TON of your data !

I won’t use threads because it’s owned by facebook. Also, someone is squatting on every good username already (thanks instagram children)


It is just another social media platform and one run by Meta, will it last? Will it replace Twitter? Only time will tell.

So many companies, including the likes of Apple, Google and MS have all failed at social media.

While I think Twitter and Reddit are not doing themselves any favors, I’m suspecting Reddit will continue, Twitter on the other hand, I’m not so sure. It now has a lot of competition, and I don’t expect them all to survive either.

I signed up today but the data they take is nuts.

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I hope Social Media reverts back to RSS.

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Interesting information here:

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No way am I giving Meta even MORE data about me. It took me a couple of weeks to recover from deleting Twitter so there’s no way I’m going back to doom scrolling.


I’ll rely on you guys telling me what I should think instead of Twitter, reddit and threads
Thanks Y’all !


Threads is app only which sucks. No web interface. I tried to run the iOS app on my M1 Mini, but it’s not listed as installable. They REALLY want that data.

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Yeah I read an article recently where it was there for several hours on the web
Then gone and now app only

TBH I spend close to 0 time on my mobile device
So no web app or desktop app (where I spend 99% of my time) it aint useful or happening


I will not be joining. I’ll wait for them to turn on the federation features, since I’m already on Mastodon.

Not on Twitter, not on Threads, not on Facebook, not on LinkedIn or any of the likes. Most of the content there is utter nonsense or even worse. And no, they don’t get my address book.

I will wait for the first Xojo App showing Threads. I need iOS, so I’m confident it will happen soon.

Yey I will use it again when it is thread stable and has threads and support threads. Neat. :slight_smile:

That’s the Zuckerpunch

Damn yer funny !

Social Media is how I stay on top of a lot of Mac development related things.

Until Elon took over, Twitter is where a lot of Mac devs hung out. Now they’ve been scattered to the wind. I tried signing up for Masterdon, as that where most said they’re going. But after trying to signup with half a dozen servers, I gave up.

What will win is convenience, yes we grew up computer first and I really prefer to do social media via computer, but the youth…

BTW: It took Instagram a little while to make a web interface, but it did come, so I suspect that a web interface for threads will be along shortly.

Reddit was great as a single place for talking about Macs in general, TV shows and cars. I also need to find an alternative for that.