Anyone ever used UXPin?

looks like an interesting prototyping tool
anyone used USPin (

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Not useable in context of serious developing. How can I comply with any NDA when I read this (Source). I quote:

(…) may use third-party analytics providers and products to obtain, compile and analyze Information about how users are using and interacting with UXPin and/or the Services and about devices used. These analytics providers may use a variety of established or new tracking technologies or tools (…) to recognize your computer or device and/or to collect or compile this information. We may use these information to improve your experience (…) as well for our own marketing purposes (…) we serve to you and others (…) UXPin has no control over the technologies, tools or practices of the third parties that providing analytics products and services to UXPin.

Basically not useable in Europe because they want everything, giving it away to 3rd Parties without any chance of controlling or reclaiming. This Company wants all your data and is not fit and able to control it? Bollocks!

Just imagine, you or your customer has an idea or project, a great secret one like UI interface for the next generation of cars. You develop your mockup with this and the next moment you will find items or similiar designs or assets somewhere else e.g. in a picture or theme database just because this provider has made deals with others in the background.

Another fancy, eye candy bullshit spyẃare.

P.S: and of course no Linux version…


What does this thing supposedly do that you cannot do using Xojo to create non-operational mockups? I stopped on their webpage the instant they started asking for data I was not comfortable providing to an unknown source.

I’m confused. Why would you use a UI designer that doesn’t create an actual UI in your software of choice?

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