Another Forum area for B4X?

Thanks for the comment Jay. I downloaded B4J and am figuring out what I may be able to do.

There is helpful information at:


I have been looking at the B4X programming language, and I am quite impressed. I have a few general questions that I would like your thoughts - sorry to put you on-the-spot. These are really general questions.

  1. Where do you see your vision for the B4X suite of programs? For example, do you see the company as being a strong database company, or possibly focusing more on graphics, or possibly general programming for other platforms, or electronics?

  2. What do you see as the core of the B4X language and the language development in the future? An example is to make the code very similar to Visual Basic 6, or Java, or some other language?

  3. B4X is currently free and open source. Is the intention to keep B4X open source and free forever? Company growth also has more employees, with wages, and other costs. Just curious at what your long-term financial goal is, thats all :slight_smile:

I’ve developed a couple of apps in B4A but they were small and I’m far from an expert. Anyway I was very impressed. I have another app that I need to develop, a serverside one and I plan to do it in B4j. It’s still a big hurdle for me to do this but less so than for any other tool I’ve looked at. The forum there is absolutely amazing. Chances are the answer to any question you have is already there. If not then answers aren’t long coming, not least from Erel himself. Plus there’s none of the Stepword Wives atmosphere of artificial civility that pervades the Xojo forum.

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The vision behind B4X is to allow developers with any skill level, to develop real world solutions that run on modern platforms.

Big no.
B4X is a simple and powerful programming language. Like VB it is a RAD programming language.

Note that B4i is not free.
These days, all of the popular development tools are free. We believe that the license cost behind B4A was a growth barrier. You can read more here:

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Thanks for the feedback Erel.

The B4X suite looks very good!