Android... Someday my prince

I’ve been prototyping a new app in Xojo using iOS licence .
I’ve been prototyping the same app using B4A for Android

I have more code built for Xojo as I am able to reuse a lot of business logic from a similar desktop app.

So Im looking for a steer.
Without breaking any rules, does anyone think I would be able to build for Android using Xojo during my lifetime,
or am I better completing the work in B4A and going iOS using B4i?

I think deep down you know Xojo’s answer: ‘you’ll get it when it is ready’ (can be next month, can be in half a decade). Then add about a year before it is somewhat usable.

Are you on the Xojo betas ?
If so that might give you insight as to when they might ship a version
But it will be a “point zero” product so its hard to estimate how usable it will be for your purposes

Personally I dont see it happening soon (aka next release or 2)

So depending on what your timeline it is may be prudent to hedge your bets and do it in B4A / B4i since those exist and already can create Android & iOS apps

EDIT : fixed typo “So depending on what our timeline” to “So depending on what your timeline”

If you pick B4X, make sure you look into B4XPages. Chances are quite good you will just be able to share almost 100% of your code on iOS and Android. Erel has over a decade experience with Mobile platforms and Xojo is kind of ‘just learning’ it themselves. Add with that the many more users and plugin writers B4X has compared to Xojo and I think the choice shouldn’t be hard.

The stability of the product, lack of bugs and Erels response time on updates/fixes (in many cases we talk hours, not months like with Xojo) and you will quckly feel the relief and satisfaction you get of working with a quality tool.


You can never know, but based on previous experiences you can have an aducated guess. My is like this:

I honestly think that Xojo will be delivering Android this year, after all, it is in the first place on the roadmap. BUT, as many other new features will be almost unusable. Look at web, it still feels lik a Alpha, not even feature complete. So, you will have to use TONS of workarounds, most likely causing compatibility problems beetween iOS and Android.

Based on previous experiences, after a initial release, maybe they will go back to the web 2 missing features and bugs fixes, the new iOS bugs / Interops and new IDE features, so retaking the missing features and bug fixes for android one or two years.

And when it finally works out as expected… it will be outdated :upside_down_face:

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This is the voice of Solomon.

If you need the product (now), go ahead, do not wait: you do not have time to waste.

If you really want to use Xojo for Android, once it will be here (a.k.a. for a next project), it will be time to experiment with it.

And: the time you use B4A will not be wasted, as you know, that experience will serve.

This is key. Xojo says they ship when it’s ready, but they really ship when it’s some form of alpha. Just look at Web 2.0.

Every one keeps misquoting Xojo on this.
The don’t say “ship when its ready”… they say “Ship when WE are ready” (ie. who cares about the product we need money)


I missed that. Thank you!

:laughing: I had not idea they could make it even LESS clear when a release was coming.

Android will be in best times in the pre alpha stadium iOS is at the moment. Using b4a and B4i with pages you will be able to refactor your code and do copy paste between iOS, android and Desktop. And that works, I have apps out which are giving the evidence for it.

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When you use B4X take care to use B4XPages. It will save you work and time using several platforms.

Also take care handling storage locations properly within the different platforms. E.g. XUI library assist here with xui.DefaultFolder for all platforms.

If you need platform specific code you can use e.g. #If B4i… directives.

Big help is to integrate the KSCrash framework (iOS support OK; Android support preleminary). If your App crashes it is possible to send a mail with a crash report when you call the App again after the crash.

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