After all these years..... who still remembers it?

Could well be Dave, it was over 3 decades ago and I’m not much good past around 3 weeks nowadays!

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when i study for my NCC diploma in Malaysia, i got a 20 pages error which all cause by one period

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Kind of like a print job I submitted… should have been like 10 pages… turned out to be 47 CASES… all because I transposed two characters in the JCL

Whoa ! It translated Cobol to C ? OMG !!!
There used to be something like this from … Oracle (?) that would enable sql inside cobol but the process was fugly !!!

3 weeks ? for me its about back to last friday :slight_smile:

Hey I’m lucky to remember today is Monday

uh … dave … :stuck_out_tongue:
ranks right up there with this one



guess LMAO is not a complete sentence

Thats OK
We still know what you meant :stuck_out_tongue:

From this thread I learned someting: You guys are old!

Only if you consider my birthdate :stuck_out_tongue:

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sigh… its not the age, it the responsibiity for carrying all this experience around… and I bet I got 10 yrs on Norm

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sounded like 8 maybe from the other posts :slight_smile:

Completely off topic:

I came back to software development after a couple of years during which I ventured into something else. My youngest brother and I started a business manufacturing yarn, unfortunatelly my brother passed away about a 14 months ago. Besides the emotional turmoil his death brought I was forced to close the yarn business. I found myself on a crossroad in my life. I needed to get back on my feet and of course the first thing that came into my mind was returning to software development BUT I was feeling too old for this at age 52 (I’m 53 now). In fact it’s a feeling I can’t seem to shake off. But after reading your posts I feel like a young buck LOL.

Sorry to hear of that bad news in your life.
Losing a business is one thing. But its not family regardless of how much the people who work there feel like family and how well we know them. I’ve had to close one business as well and its hard.
Losing your brother is, I would guess , hard.
Losing both about the same time I cant imagine since its never occurred to me.
My sympathies about those losses.

But welcome back to programming. :slight_smile:
It is the kind of thing you can keep learning about and being quite successful with for a long time.
One of the things that “20 somethings” dont have is years of experience - in coding or in various businesses that they can bring to bear on a certain problem or even to understand a problem.
And that experience is important to being a good developer.
Its about so much more than being able to write Java C# C++ Ruby Python etc

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I wholeheartedly appreciates your words :slight_smile:
Last year was rough indeed and this one brings it’s own challenges. The one thing I’m glad I did was keeping close to programming, I enjoy reading and learnig and during the time I had the yarn business I managed to learn a couple of things and languages that might come handy.
Recently I posted that surprizingly I received a call from a company I did some work for some years ago, they contacted me not really for my programming knowledge but because of my knowledge of the industry, this guys are in the yarn business too. So I guess that IS the best thing about getting older.

A lot of times when a possible contract comes up they are more interested in what I know about their business than whether I can code

That has been true for a long time now

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Welcome back to programming @HMARROQUINC.

Don’t worry about your age when it comes to software. One of the nice things about software is that being your own boss and working on your own terms is much more achievable than in other industries.

What counts is the quality of the app or service you provide. Crap software gets written all the time by young computer science grads and great software gets written similarly frequently by retirees solving a problem using code.


Thank you!