2020r1 Public Beta

Got this in my inbox today…

Xojo 2020r1 Update: Currently in Testing

Xojo 2020r1 will include Web Framework 2.0, among other things, and is a huge release. It is currently in public testing. If you have an active Pro license, you can test it out and provide your feedback. If you do not currently have access to the Testers forum, please contact Customer Service to see if you can join.

Anyone here have the Pro License and done any testing?

Even if you don’t have a Pro license, you can be a tester:


Of the web stuff ? no … Web 2.0 has no usefulness to me in what I’m doing

Yeah, Web 2 is interesting to me, but are you allowed to share your thoughts on what the beta is like from what you’ve tested?

Here ?
Not without getting booted from the beta test itself since their rules prohibit that

Understood. Thought that since it was a public beta the rules might be different.

No worries.

Yeah its not “public beta” as in “everyone who wants to can test it”.
AFAIK its only open to people who hold current licenses - not sure if you have to have a specific license type to be able to join or not.
You can write hello@xojo.com if you have a license and ask them to join

I think this is a little bit of confusion over the wording of the newsletter.

I believe the intent was that the announcement was public as Xojo doesn’t usually announce in-development things. I would agree with Norman that the program and specifics are still considered private.

To keep the peace, I would recommend that discussion of these things remain limited to Xojo’s forum.

I’d agree the wording is confusing

It is currently in public testing. If you have an active Pro license,

so you DO need a pro license apparently

No, you don’t need a Pro license because I don’t have one and still do Xojo testing.

I just quoted that from Dana’s email that mentioned that 2020r1 is being publicly tested
Thats why I put it in a quote box like that

And mine is only Desktop. But I suppose it’s possible that for new people a Pro would be required.

My guess is that all Pro can be testers and non Pro can ask to be a tester but need to comply with some requirements and is up to Xojo to approve the request.

It is their party they can invite who they want I guess